Hatch Entertainment creates moving stories driven by universal passions, in order to reach an equally passionate audience.


Executive Producer. Director. Diligant Survivalist.

John Carter

Born in Mississippi, John’s blend of southern roots, black coffee intake, and time at NYU, led him to grow Hatch creatively from its inception. He spent years at OLN (now NBC Sports Network), as Vice President of Production and Executive Producer, curating properties like the Tour de France, Professional Bull Riders, and the National Hockey League. Between his technical expertise and artistic vision, John steers the ship of innovation and takes on the position of Hatch’s creative captain. 

Producer. Biz Dev Guru. Wanderluster.

Alivia Olson

Alivia was basically raised on a film set, so passion for the business run deep in her veins. After breaking in her cowboy boots in Austin TX, she came back to her home state of Colorado to pursue her own career in film. Her work has taken her everywhere from ships on the Danube for Avalon Waterways; to the beaches of the Bahamas for Pentax; to the pubs of Belgium with Blue Moon Brewing. Alivia’s quick wit and calm composure amid battling  production chaos make her the team’s unswaying foundation.

Operations. Production Powerhouse. Amateur Sleuth.

Eric Knutson

After attending the University of Colorado and pursuing a degree in film studies, Eric worked on documentaries including Hanna Ranch and Rolling Papers. After post production involvement with Tiny House and Building Alaska, he transitioned to Hatch as the ultimate utility player. Eric handles Hatch’s major day to day operations ranging from Accounting to Zoo Animal Wrangler, his most strenuous role as the final filter to any problem.