Where movement meets story.

Hatch Entertainment is a production company that brings stories driven by passion pursuits to center stage. Our unmatched visual literacy and technical expertise challenge and shape our audience’s perception of action, emotion, and yes, even an explosion. 

We cultivate the untold stories ranging from large episodic productions to intimate local realities and love to build personal connections with the people we work with. As shapeshifters of the production world, our talent checks boxes far beyond our job descriptions, and that flexibility keeps us on our toes and ready to take on any project. 



TV – 4 Seasons

Outdoor Channel, Netflix & Amazon Prime

Team up the largest prop house and weapon builders in Hollywood with a retired special forces crash test dummy to replicate the most improbable action and special FX sequences in film and television. Will a fictional stunt succeed in the real world or will it remain a fairytale?



This documentary embarks on a journey to discover the origins, evolution and quintessential stylings of the cowboy hat.  From John B. Stetson to today’s most revered custom hat makers, this film explores the western hat from beginning to end, including Hollywood’s Golden Age that solidified this iconic expression of the enduring American West. 


TV – 5 Seasons

Outdoor Channel

An atypical southern family of world-champion competitive shooters and custom gun manufacturers take on the world from their Louisiana compound. With the best of the best under one roof, it’s no surprise when challenges mount and generations of Miculeks collide on Shootout Lane. 


TV – 1 Season

Outdoor Channel & Discovery

There’s never a dull moment in this wholesome look at family life in this Deep South and off the grid town dubbed as Booger Bottom.The Waddell family is living their version of the American Dream, with Michael Waddell at the helm of the business operation, constantly yanked in every direction by his staff, father, kids, and his wife who keeps the whole of them in check. 


TV – 1 Season

Amazon Prime

Follow handgun enthusiast Max Prasac on a close up worldwide pursuit of big game. Each wild animal chase proves the necessity of a wide range of revolvers, pistols, and big bore handguns, always coupled with a strong sense of adventure.


TV – 2 Seasons

Amazon Prime & Outdoor Channel

Witness the feats of the witty and worldly Kyle Lamb as he traverses across the globe on an outdoor adventure quest for unique game opportunities. Along the journey, Kyle shares defensive training and firearms preparation in a way only a Special Forces veteran and expert gunfighter can.

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